Multiple types 10 assembly line

Multiple types 10 assembly line

  1. Surface Mount Technology (SMT) production line: This advanced production line is specifically designed for the soldering and assembly of surface-mounted components. With high-precision surface-mount equipment and high-speed assembly operations, it is suitable for a range of electronic products, communication devices, and automotive electronics.
  2. Through-Hole Insertion (THI) production line: The THI production line incorporates advanced techniques and tools to accommodate the packaging and soldering of a wide array of through-hole components. The line is equipped with high-precision packaging equipment and soldering systems, ensuring precision and efficient operations. It is commonly used in household appliances, communication equipment, and automotive electronics.
  3. Hybrid assembly line: The hybrid assembly line has the capability to perform soldering and assembly operations for both surface-mounted and through-hole components simultaneously. This line can be flexibly adjusted and converted to meet different product requirements and production plans. With a range of high-precision assembly equipment and soldering systems, it achieves accurate and efficient hybrid assembly operations.
  4. High-speed assembly line: The high-speed assembly line incorporates advanced production techniques and systems to facilitate high-speed and efficient soldering and assembly operations. The line is equipped with high-speed assembly equipment and soldering systems, making it suitable for large-scale manufacturing scenarios where efficiency is critical.
  5. Precision assembly line: The precision assembly line utilizes precision assembly equipment and processes to handle the delicate soldering and assembly operations of precision components. The line incorporates high-precision measurement and inspection equipment to ensure accurate and high-quality operations, making it suitable for high-end electronic products, aerospace, and other similar industries.
  6. Automated assembly line: The automated assembly line incorporates advanced automation technology and equipment to facilitate automated and intelligent soldering and assembly operations. The line is equipped with a range of automated devices and robots, ensuring efficient and reliable automation production. It is commonly used in large-scale automated manufacturing scenarios.

In addition, Senteeng also offers modular assembly lines, customized assembly lines, environmentally friendly assembly lines, and intelligent assembly lines to cater to specific customer needs.


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